New Version of HotDocs 11 Just Announced – Discounts Available through January 2012

HotDocs announced today the pre-release of their software new version of software HotDocs 11.  HotDocs Resources will be selling new copies and upgrades of HotDocs software at a 25% discount through the end of the year and a 20% discount through the end of January. In order to receive the discount you can or HotDocs Page and select the appropriate product(s). Upon checkout you can enter the below coupon codes depending on when you purchase. The software will be released by December 15th.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 801-766-3183.

December Coupon: HotDocsUpgradeDec

January Coupon: HotDocsUpgradeJan

We are excited about the new features that HotDocs has added to their product. We believe these features will benefit your office by helping you to be more effective.

Here are some of the great new features introduced with HotDocs Developer 11.


  • Author templates and generate documents natively in DOCX format
  • Microsoft Office 2013 and WordPerfect 16 compatibility
  • Introductory support for plain text (including HTML or XML) automation.


  • More powerful scripting tools and techniques to allow for easier generalization, maintenance and sharing of code.
  • New functions that make it easier to do financial, mathematical and text calculations.
  • New web forum allows for finding and sharing reusable computations and scripts with the broader HotDocs community.


  • More comprehensive plugin API. Makes it easy for users to browse, enable and disable plugins directly through the Options screen. Output Plugins make it easier to send assembled documents or other content to 3rd party software or services, directly from the HotDocs desktop interface.


  • Enhanced Ribbon in MS Word makes creating new templates more straightforward.
  • HotDocs Models (formerly Model Documents) are ideal for simple automation projects and collaborative projects where some parties may not have HotDocs installed. HotDocs Models can now be edited and tested via the HotDocs Ribbon in MS Word.
  • Improved help system offers window-level helps for each screen to make it easier to see help functions. Enhanced search functions.
  • Enhanced Outliner tool. Opens in Word, making it easy to navigate the structure of a template to understand where and how variables are used.
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