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Understand your document creation process

Most firms want to do a want to get the right documents to their clients on time and error free.  In spite of wanting this to happen, however, many are still struggling in this area. If you’re one of those firms, I have the next step for you to take! I’ve already talked about some […]

Understanding how to start reducing errors

A while ago I was talking to an attorney who mentioned how his assistant kept getting the name of a key client wrong. He resorted to joking with her, putting notes on her computer, and a couple more things. And yet it continued to happen. It wasn’t that she wanted to get the name wrong. […]

Why do you get errors in your documents?

I recently had a conversation with a firm administrator who was looking at changing the way they created documents.  During our talk, I said, “One of the reasons that you need a document system is because of the errors you’re getting.” The phone got a little quiet, and he said sheepishly, “Yes, I know we […]

We are looking for HotDocs Consultants

REAL Automation is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and we are always looking for people who know how to program in HotDocs.  If you are interested please fill out the information below and we will send you instructions on how to apply. Basic Requirements Must be willing to implement our HotDocs programming style […]

HotDocs for Dummies

Do you find that you are stuck with your HotDocs project?  We have talked to a number of people in the past 18 years of doing HotDocs training and consulting that have felt this same way.  What they have told us is I wish there was a “HotDocs for Dummies” out there so I could […]

MS Word “Reveal Codes”

We continue to get calls from people who would like to have “Reveal Codes” in Microsoft Word.  Did you know that Word actually does have a “Reveal Codes”. Let us know what you think.  If you need further training on using Word or automating your documents.  Go ahead and give us a call at 801-766-3183. […]