Filing Probates Electronically in Utah Just Got Easier

Filing Probates Electronically in Utah Just Got Easier

The REAL Probate System for Utah just made it easier to file your probates electronically. With the current release of the REAL Probate System for Utah software package we have added three features:

  1. We have created an integration with to allow you to import the necessary information to start your probate.
  2. We have added the ability to add the /s/ to your signatures. For each person you will have the option to select the electronic file option or a regular signature option.
  3. The documents are created in RTF so that you don’t need to do any conversion of the file format. The HotDocs software package that is included with the REAL Probate System for Utah includes a PDF conversion tool, so there is no need to purchase additional software.

Here is a video on how it works.



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  1. Kristal Bowman-Carter
    Kristal Bowman-Carter says:

    Thanks, Kim. The added features look great. Hoping I can get my update installed all by myself without having to call you and make you proud!

    I currently use Green Filing. Do you have plans to expand to other efiling companies for API interface or do you plan to remain exclusive with Judicialink?


    • kmayberry
      kmayberry says:

      We originally also reached out to Green Filing, but they were not interested in doing an integration. As other vendors become interested we will look at other integrations, but for now we are happy with what Judicialink is able to provide.


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