About REAL Automation Solutions

REAL Automation Solutions has served the document and practice management needs of law firms since 1998. Liz Mayberry started the company after years of experience as a consultant and trainer for Capsoft Development, creators of HotDocs®.

REAL Automation Solutions provides document assembly Practice Systems based on the law firm’s documents, training on HotDocs and other automation consulting services.

To help meet the needs of many attorneys, REAL has created HotDocsResources.com and REALlawforms.com. This web site provides packaged document systems for law firms of all sizes.

We have served clients in a variety of practice areas, including: banking, elder law, estate planning, estate administration, probate, guardianship, special needs trusts, intellectual property, etc.

Our technical expertise is widespread: we have done projects in Word, WordPerfect, RTF format, HotDocs-specific static content formats, and full conversions of CAPS-based systems to HotDocs.

In all cases, REAL Automation Solutions includes our clients throughout the automation process to ensure that expectations are met. And, as importantly, when there are available options, we lay out the pros and cons, and make our recommendations. Ultimately, of course, the client decides, based on their needs and their practice.

In addition to our individual clients, REAL Automation Solutions has been integral to in the development of commercialty produced HotDocs document assembly products published and marketed nationwide: “Practical Planning System” formally know as the “Essential Estate Planning Document System (EEPDS),” REAL Probate System for New Jersey, and the REAL Probate System for Utah.  We provide product development and support services for the PPS, and probate systems.. Our experience has given us invaluable insights into what works best in a template-driven Practice System.

To learn more about REAL Automation Solutions visit our website at www.realautomators.com.

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