Dexter & Dexter Attorneys at Law Chooses REAL Probate System

Before I started using the REAL Probate System for Utah, filing documents for probate cases was tedious. I used an inefficient paper system with an index and hard copies of the probate forms. I'd have to look through the index and documents and figure out both the documents I needed to file and what information was needed for them. I would then see if I had an electronic copy. If I didn't, I would have to type the document. This system required a lot of time for both me and the attorney, I'd frequently have to call the client back for additional information. It would take me a couple of hours to prepare the documents for an informal probate filing.

Probate was a time-consuming and low profit practice area for our office. Now, by using the REAL Probate System for Utah, I can have all the documents ready for an informal probate in 20 minutes or less. I love that the system picks the right documents for opening a probate! All the documents I need are in one place, so I don't have to search, guess, or ask the attorney I am working with. Additionally, all the information I need is gathered upfront from the client - eliminating calls to the client for missing information. We also use RPS affidavits for other situations in our office. It is very flexible and versatile. The RPS has made my job so much easier, and I love using this program. Thanks!

Chalyse Roothoff