HotDocs for Dummies

Do you find that you are stuck with your HotDocs project?  We have talked to a number of people in the past 18 years of doing HotDocs training and consulting that have felt this same way.  What they have told us is I wish there was a “HotDocs for Dummies” out there so I could learn more about programming in HotDocs.

Well we have a “HotDocs for Dummies” for you.  Our HotDocs Programming Boot Camp is designed for you to learn the foundations of HotDocs Programming and give you a chance to ask a HotDocs expert questions.

Here is a list of the HotDocs programming skills that you will learn.

  • Creating HotDocs Templates and Variables
  • Creating Optional Paragraphs and Text in HotDocs
  • Dialog Creation, Layout and Scripting, Creating and Using Repeating Dialogs in HotDocs
  • Creating and Using HotDocs Computations
  • Interview Computations, Pointed Component Files, Participant Lists and Project Management Tips in HotDocs


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