We understand how frustrating it can be to not get things right in HotDocs.


When we started HotDocs Consulting back in 1996 we had some of those same struggles.


Now we want to help you get past your frustrations

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“I wanted to let you know I found your services to be very helpful. Years ago we had someone in my office teach herself HotDocs sufficiently to create a library of templates for us. However, over the years, as we learned more and as the law changed, these templates needed revisions but we had no one on staff with that capability.

I tried teaching myself HotDocs using the fat Owner’s Manual, but I couldn’t get the hang of it despite hours of trial and error.

However, my experience was quite the reverse when I got your HotDocs Boot Camp. After watching just a few short sessions with you demonstrating each step very clearly and precisely, it all CLICKED! HotDocs for Dummies!

I was then off and running and over the weekend able to create templates for our office that we have immediately started using with a great savings in document preparation time.  This Boot Camp is great!”

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