Would your clients spend more money with you – and you didn’t even know it?

Have you noticed how some of your clients are willing to spend more money than other clients? I’m guessing you are like me and thought that it is just the way it is.  Then I started to notice that there are a certain percentage of people who spend a lower dollar amount and that a smaller number are willing to spend a higher dollar amount.  I came across a great book by Perry Marshall, called the 80/20 Rule of Marketing.  For me it was an eye opening experience.  I thought about the law firms that we work here at REAL Automation Solutions, wouldn’t this principle apply to them as well?

Would it be possible to create an environment where we could easily help clients understand that your firm offers beneficial services in addition to the one service they contacted you for?

Want to know more about how we are able to do this during the engagement process?

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