Understand your document creation process

Most firms want to do a want to get the right documents to their clients on time and error free.  In spite of wanting this to happen, however, many are still struggling in this area.

If you’re one of those firms, I have the next step for you to take!

I’ve already talked about some of the reasons you are struggling with delivery and errors.  You learned about how you need to start understanding the reason why errors happen.  This is done by collecting information about when errors happen.

The next step is to understand what your current process is.  You may be thinking, “I don’t have a process,” or “I already know what my process is.”

In either of these cases you will be surprised at what you find out during this step.  What we have found is that even though the firm thinks it knows what the process is, they don’t truly know what is really happening until they go through this exercise.

Go ahead and watch this video about some basics on how to map out your process:

Now that you’ve watched the video, take the next step by meeting with your team and mapping out the process!

I’d also like to invite you to attend our Document Systems webinar on February 25 at 3:00 EST, where we are going to teach you the steps you need to create your Document System. This will lead to delivering on time and error free documents.

Understanding how to start reducing errors

A while ago I was talking to an attorney who mentioned how his assistant kept getting the name of a key client wrong. He resorted to joking with her, putting notes on her computer, and a couple more things. And yet it continued to happen.

It wasn’t that she wanted to get the name wrong. She probably felt embarrassed. It’s just that the right process was not in place to help her get the name right.

You are probably thinking, “Of course the right process was in place! There was the name of the client right in front of her.”

Yet when you really start to dig into what happens during the day at your firm you’ll actually start to see why the best attorneys and staff members still get errors.

But in order to figure out how to solve the problem of getting errors you need to understand when errors happen.

In the video below we are going to teach you the 1st step to reducing your errors.

If you are tired of getting errors in your documents and want more in-depth training that is going to help your firm create a Document System, please join our webinar on February 25 at 3:00 EST. You’ll learn the steps to creating a Document System.


Get your error tracking worksheet

Get Error Tracking Worksheet

Why do you get errors in your documents?

I recently had a conversation with a firm administrator who was looking at changing the way they created documents.  During our talk, I said, “One of the reasons that you need a document system is because of the errors you’re getting.”

The phone got a little quiet, and he said sheepishly, “Yes, I know we are getting errors we just don’t want to admit it.”

Errors happen in every law firm but it’s funny that we don’t want to admit it.

So how many errors are getting into your documents?  The reality is no one really knows because you probably don’t want to know.

Then I was having another conversation with another attorney and he was really frustrated that his paralegal couldn’t get the name spelled right for one of their key clients. It was happening all the time! Because the name of the client was similar to another name. The paralegal really did want to get it right.

We have attorneys and paralegals really wanting to not have errors in their documents but are still getting them. Where does that leave us?  Are we going to continue to get errors or is there a better way to not get errors in our documents?

During this 3 minute video I will explain why errors happen in your documents. Of course, I’m not going to completely change your firm in 3 minutes so you don’t get errors.  But you are going to learn why errors are happening in the first place.

If you want more in-depth training that is going to help your firm, I would suggest that you join our webinar on February 25 at 3:00 EST. You’ll learn the steps to creating a Document System.