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Marking up your documents for HotDocs Automation

We recommend that you mark up your documents in your Word Processor to make automating in HotDocs faster. For this example, let’s suppose that a decision has been made to automate your firm’s standard will.  Further, you have decided to retain its qualities as a Word document and, hence, would like it transformed into a […]

Five steps to automating documents in HotDocs

Where should you begin when automating your documents in HotDocs? We have broken it down into five steps: Step 1 – Decide which documents you use the most in your practice. Step 2 – Determine the ease of automating for each document. Some questions that you should consider when determining the ease of automating in HotDocs […]

Guidelines for deciding what type of HotDocs options should be included in your documents

The following are some features we suggest you consider when looking at automating your documents.  All of the listed features are optional but illustrate enhancements clients have liked in the past. 1) Basic Answer File.  Include a basic answer file that gathers the information used throughout your system.  This helps keep track of information such […]

3 Steps to Get Documents Ready for HotDocs Automation

Step 1 Decide which documents should be included in the document automation system.  The question that needs to be answered is “What documents do I use often enough to warrant automation?”   Factors to consider when answering this question include 1) how often the document is prepared, 2) the difficulty of creating the completed document, and […]

The 9 Types of HotDocs Variables

There are 9 types of variables: Text Number Date True/False Multiple-choice Computation Clause – not talking about Dialog Personal Information  – not talking about – stored in registry Text Variable – You can enter any text string in this type of variable, including letters, numbers and symbols.  Text variables include items such as names and […]

HotDocs Training

REAL Automation has been training and automating Attorney’s document since 1998.  Liz Mayberry, who does our training, initially was a trainer/consultant for Capsoft, (now called HotDocs) from 1996 to 1998. Since forming her own company in 1998 her team has training and consulted for hundreds of Law Firms and Businesses on how to be more […]

Filing Probates Electronically in Utah Just Got Easier

Filing Probates Electronically in Utah Just Got Easier The REAL Probate System for Utah just made it easier to file your probates electronically. With the current release of the REAL Probate System for Utah software package we have added three features: We have created an integration with www.judicailink.com to allow you to import the necessary […]

Run HotDocs on a MAC

Do you want to run HotDocs on a MAC? If so you now have the option to do so. With Parallels Desktop you can run HotDocs on a MAC. We have a number of clients who are using HotDocs on a MAC. Here are some screen shots of what it looks like.